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ICCLOS has a contractual agreement with TicketMaster to sell and distribute all tickets for events in ICCLOS. Ticketing information is provided here for your convenience. Please contact your Event Coordinator to make any necessary arrangements for your event.

Ticket Office Locations

The main Ticket Office is located on the Southeast corner of LOS along Capitol Avenue. It includes twenty-eight (28) exterior windows, three (3) interior windows, and an electronic message board above the ticket windows. An auxiliary ticket office, open on certain event days only, is located adjacent to the team store on the Northeast side of LOS. Three (3) satellite ticket offices are located in the Indiana Convention Center for events requiring a ticket office. Check with your event coordinator for details.

Ticket Office Normal Hours of Operation

General ticket office hours are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and as required for events. For more information, please call the Ticket Office at 317 262-3389.

Event Tickets General Procedures

The following shall apply to any event selling tickets over five dollars ($5.00) to the general public:

  • All tickets sold to the public will be printed, ordered, disbursed, sold, refunded, and controlled by the ICCLOS or its designated ticket agency (TicketMaster).
  • A ten percent (10%) Marion County Admissions tax will be imposed on all tickets sold through our Ticket Office for concerts, sporting events, and other public ticketed entertainment events. This tax does not apply to educational institutions, religious organizations, and events sponsored by an organization that is considered a charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service for federal tax purposes. This tax is included in the admission price. If you have any questions pertaining to the county admissions tax, contact your sales manager.
  • Personal checks will be accepted by mail order only until three (3) weeks prior to an event. If they so desire, show promoters have the option not to accept checks. However, if checks are accepted, promoters must reimburse the Ticket Office for any returned checks.
  • The Ticket Office accepts the following charge cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. When purchasing tickets with a credit card, picture identification is required; name appearing on the card must match the identification; person’s name appearing on card must be the person purchasing tickets. If the information does not match, the Ticket Office will not accept the credit card as a method of payment. Day of show payments vary per event. Please check with the Ticket Office to determine what type of payment will be accepted.
  • NO advertising and no ticket sales shall occur until signed contract and deposit are received and tickets are ready for sale.

Advance Ticket Sales

Advance ticket sales may begin at an agreed upon date prior to the show day for events held in the ICCLOS. An additional charge may be imposed for extended sales periods.


Sample coupons must be furnished to the ICCLOS Ticket Office Prior to tickets going on sale to inform Ticket Office personnel and to obtain approval.

All coupons must be approved by the Ticket Office before the coupons go to print. Coupons are retained by ICCLOS Ticket Office to comply with Indiana State Board of Accounts rules and regulations.

Mail Order Procedures

When tickets are sold by the Ticket Office for events in the ICCLOS, mail orders will be accepted. These procedures should be followed when ordering by mail:

  • Name and date of event.
  • Number of tickets to be ordered.
  • Price of ticket.
  • Time of Event (in case of multiple shows).
  • Special needs required for patrons (disabled seating, aisle seating, etc.).
  • Daytime telephone number.
  • All pertinent information from the charge card, numbers, expiration date, signature of cardholder and the 3-digit number on the back of the charge card.
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope should be included.
  • A handling charge of five dollars ($5.00) is incurred for mail order processing.

All mail order brochures must be approved by the Ticket Office before the brochure goes to print. Mail orders received one week prior to an event will be held at the Will Call window. Government issued picture identification will be required for ticket pick-up.

Open Hours for Day of Show Sales

The ICCLOS Ticket Office will be open per mutual agreement between Show Management and the Event Coordinator prior to show time until closing, which is after half-time/intermission unless otherwise advised.

Tickets/Wrist Band Ordering

Tickets/Wrist Bands must be ordered by ICCLOS Ticket Office management.

Event information needed thirty (30) days in advance of sale includes:

  • Name of show.
  • Date of show.
  • Time of show.
  • Price of tickets.

To comply with Indiana State Board of Accounts, unused tickets/wristbands are retained by the ICCLOS Ticket Office.

Ticket Office Funding Procedures

  • ICCLOS Management will not make advances from event ticket sales.
  • All funds are held for settlement after the conclusion of the event.
  • Multiple-day event funds are held until after the final performance.

Ticket Office Security

Armed security officers must be present in the Ticket Office at all times when tickets are sold in the Convention Center Ticket Office. Armed security officers are not required in the Lucas Oil Stadium ticket office during regular ticket office hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Event Coordinator dictates whether Armed Security is needed during selected events.

Ticket Office Settlement

  • The date and time of the settlement is to be agreed upon by all parties concerned at the time the License Agreement is signed or no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event.
  • The final settlement is to be held no later than seven (7) days after the event.

Ticket Sellers and Treasurers

Ticket sellers

  • Minimum of two (2) sellers required.
  • Minimum work call of four (4) hours.


  • One (1) treasurer required.
  • Minimum work call of four (4) hours.
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